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Welcome to La Scénariothéque

We have written this (short) page for all non-French-speaking people out there -- and I'm told that there are quite a lot of you :-) We wish to explain to you what is this site about, and how it works.
So, let's begin with the beginning: la Scénariothéque is a role-playing game site based on the idea of gathering documents for the gamemaster. At the time we started to use the Internet, we would have loved to find such a big site with a lot of adventures for our favorites RPG. Unfortunately, there was nothing, so we decided to do it by ourselves! You can therefore find on the site lots of adventures, lots of gaming aids (new rules, NPC, ...), a lot of character sheets, and a few useful programs!
The second fundamental idea is to allow people to contribute their own documents, so basically we wait for you to send us your adventures (or simply links to your adventures!) and then put them in our big database!
As a final note: for the moment we don't plan to translate the site into any other language, as we have enough work just running it in French! However, if you really, really want to have La Scénariothéque in your native tongue, then you can try to convince us! PHP coding would be a bonus :-)
If you have any question or comment, please feel free to get in touch with us: [email protected]
La Scénariothéque Team
PS: Thanks to Steve for proofreading this page!
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